As an artist I am inspired by my memories, thoughts, emotions and experiences. My work focuses on recreating experiences I have encountered with throughout my lifetime. My most recent work has been made by creating abstract photograms in the darkroom by using the camera less method.

In my series “ New Mexico”, I play around with different materials to create photograms of landscapes while also experimenting with different techniques of traditional photography such as disrupting the chemical process of development. This body of work depicts beautiful layers and abstract shapes of the mountains and valleys of New Mexico. The outer lines and layers of the mountains connect and link together to form these beautiful stacks of layers. These landscapes are poetic and emotional. Rather than taking photographs of the scenery, I wanted to record as much information of what my eyes could capture through the use of memory, thoughts, and feelings through a meditative state.

My newest series “Submerged” are photograms created when water is splashed onto a surface of glass the moment I trigger a flash. This series explores the unclosed feelings I faced throughout the darkest moments of my life. Most of these emotions evolved from not being able to control the immense distress caused by previous relationships, flaws and the anxieties carried over the years. The emotions experienced are submerged deep within my consciousness as a result of these events. These water photograms create abstract shapes and ripples that represent those submerged feelings.

My thoughts slowly process when I create my work in the darkroom, making it an engaging and therapeutic experience, those feelings then come alive into my artwork for the viewer to see.